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Staff Directory


Support Staff:   

◯ Regi Maher, Admin. Assistant, [email protected]  

◯ Laurie James, EA, [email protected]  

◯ Amanda Bates, EA, [email protected]  

◯ Grace Lees, EA, [email protected] 

◯ Sarah Clarkson, EA, [email protected] 

◯ Ashley Cameron, EA, [email protected]  

◯ Jen Wotta, EA and Online Learning Facilitator, [email protected]   

◯ Shauna Daku, Librarian, [email protected]  

◯ Alaina Buchanan, Counsellor, [email protected]   

◯ Monica Rae, Community Education Liaison, [email protected]    

◯ Jericho Jove, Caretaker, [email protected]  



◯ Karla Wyonch, PreK, [email protected]  

◯ Jen Karlunchuck, Kindergarten and RTI, [email protected]  

◯ Karyse Nobert, gr. 1, [email protected] 

◯ Cindy Ellis, gr. 2/3, [email protected]  

◯ Judy Naylen, gr. 4, [email protected] 

◯ Korinn Lawrence, gr. 5, [email protected]   

◯ Carlee Annis, gr. 6, [email protected]  



◯ Janine Houston, Learning Support Teacher, [email protected]  

◯ Aynslee Sararas, RTI and middle years, [email protected]   


Middle Years/High School:  

◯ Mike Callfas, [email protected] 

◯ Heather Saarela, [email protected] 

◯ Jacquie Walbaum, [email protected] 

◯ Taylor McPhee, [email protected]  



◯ Jeff Bohnert, Vice Principal, [email protected]  

◯ Ron Wardrope, Principal, [email protected]